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Jaguar Players Boosters


The Jaguar Players Boosters was formed in September 2013. The purpose of the Jaguar Players Boosters is to facilitate fundraising for the Jaguar Players of Aprende Middle School. The Boosters filed for 501(c)3 status in September 2013 and received our official letter from the IRS granting us 501(c)3 status in November 2014. 501(c)3 status officially makes the Jaguar Players Boosters a non-profit organization and donations given to the organization are tax deductible.

Donations made by individuals and businesses help us with the much needed funding to put on productions such as Cinderella, Bye Bye Birdie, as well as our fall plays. In addition to funding set construction, costumes, makeup, and production royalties, we're working on building our venue infrastructure with proper stage lighting, a sound system, and storage options for our sets and set pieces.

If you, your business, or someone you know are interested in becoming a sponsor, placing a playbill ad, or making a general donation this is all available on our website.


Use the buttons below which lead you directly to our website shopping cart to proceed to be a sponsor, place an ad in our playbill, or make a generation donation.

Donations and Sponsors


The following document summarizes our 2021-22 Season  Support Opportunities for Sponsors, Playbill Ads and general donations. 

Sponsorship Opportunities PDF

Please email us at for any questions regarding support or sponsorship.


Director - Marisa Brady

Director - Sharon Smith

President - Joanna Wilson

Vice President- Sarah James, Meredith Smith

Secretary - Marsha Spencer

Treasurer - Keely Hitt



Board Meeting Information

The next board meeting of the Jaguar Players Boosters is scheduled for: TBD (around August)

Below you will find information for the Annual meeting:

2024 Annual Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Prior Meeting Minutes are always made available upon reasonable written request. Please send requests to

Scholarship Application

Application for Scholarship is based on financial need and scholarship application is available for each of our Productions.

Application Form (PDF)

Jaguar Players Booster Notices


Legal Documentation

Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. In compliance with the regulations which govern such a designation, any interested person may review the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, policies of and Minutes of meetings related to the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc.. Additional information may be provided from Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. upon written request


Meeting Minutes

The Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. As required by Federal and State law, the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. conducts regular meetings related to Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. and the community for which it provides services. The minutes, recorded by the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. Secretary and approved by the Board and its members, reflect the business of the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. and the actions taken by the Board of the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc.. The minutes are provided, prior to any scheduled meeting, for review and comment to all Board members, committee personnel and upon reasonable request by any other person or entity.

How you can help...

Support of the Jaguar Players is the primary function of the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. Families and friends of the Jaguar Player can donate to it through this website to support the arts at Aprende Middle School. Families and friends can also provide financial support through purchases of t-shirts (JP Swag), advertisements in the PlayBill, raffle tickets, and buying tickets to each production of the Jaguar Players.

In addition to the generous financial support for the Jaguar Players received from friends and families, the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. looks to local business to support the school and its arts program. If you are a business, please contact us! We love to show off the businesses who sponsor and support the kids’ productions and the community of theatre as a whole!

The students and their faculty work tirelessly for months on end to create productions of the highest caliber. While financial support is often the simplest way to support this endeavor, if you have skills with hammers and nails and paint, the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. encourages you to show off those skills!! If you’ve only seen the business end of a paint brush on TV, you can still show off your skills! During the production seasons, the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. supports Family Build Nights. These are held at the school and provide many opportunities to be involved. During these evening events, family members and friends, along with the students, are encouraged to help build the sets for the current production. You could help by swinging a hammer, paint a horse-drawn carriage, provide much needed muscle to move heavy items—the opportunities to support the Jaguar Players at Build Nights abound!!

Finally, the Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. provides invaluable support during the productions themselves. Members of Jaguar Players Booster Club, Inc. assist with ticket and concession sales, raffles for prizes, decorating the lobby with themed activities and so much more! We can always use a set of hands and a smile to support our kids and this amazing experience called the Jaguar Players!
Click on the PayPal link to donate funds. Check the calendar for dates. You and your Jaguar Player will be so very glad you did.

Meet the Jaguar players booster Club board
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