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Sponsorship (Starting at $150)

Sponsor The Jaguar Players. Choose Fall, Spring or both performances. Note that the Spring performance is a larger production than the Fall and is reflected in the sponsorship amount.


A donation of $500 or more will have the student tech crew develop and star in a 15-30 second commercial that will “air” during intermission of at least one performance.


When you purchase, be sure to add your email, phone and full name.  We will reach out to you to get anything we need from you, ad image, business logo, etc...


Thank you!

Sponsorship (Starting at $150)

  • Includes a prominent full page playbill Ad, 4 VIP tickets, and business logo printed on show shirts.

  • Includes a prominent full page playbill Ad for the business, 10 VIP tickets, business highlighted on show shirts, playbill, marketing materials (poster, flyers, tickets) and at any promotional event.

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